ITC Charge Summary

As of June 5th, 2008, the IRC (Information Resources Council) became the ITC (Information Technology Council).

Information technology (IT) and its uses permeates almost all of the essential functions of the university, from back-office business functions such as human resources and purchasing and payment services, to instructional functions such as web-based learning, and to the use of computer-based technology to conduct research in most fields of study at UNT.  The critical role that information technology plays in the functioning of the university as well as the large and growing portion of the university’s budget that IT consumes make it imperative that the organizations on campus that provide IT services function well and that they are fully integrated into the university’s academic, administrative, research, and public service functions.

To help provide the desired integration, an Information Technology Council (ITC) is established.  The ITC is composed of representatives from academic and administrative units on campus. The ITSC is composed of selected senior university administrators and elected representatives from the faculty, students, and staff.

Picture of 10 members on the east side of the room.

East side of room.

Picture about 14 members (a few duplicated from other picture) on the West  side of the room.  Empty seat belongs to the Chair taking the picture.

West side of room.

ITC Academic Year 2011 Members in GAB 210 Conference Room